E-Gear EF-BC-F Full Bone Conduction Tactical Headset
Item no.:
USD 546.00

all Color:
Direct cable connected with PTT 6 Pin Connecting Cable
out line side:
Left Right
Stereo Mono

  • Doesn’t require ears nor microphone, work entirely through operator's own bone tissue to transmit voice information instead.
  • Situational awareness is improved because the user’s ears will hear abnormal sounds while monitoring tactical communications in a live environment.
  • Permits normal listening and communication even when ears are overwhelmed in extremely noisy environments.
  • Optional bilateral listening on special request(may generate more background noise compared to mono sound).

Product features:
  • Design fits bilateral cheekbones without facial covering, which does not affect wearing of protective masks and breathing apparatus;
  • Effectively reduces or filters out background noise in extremely noisy environments so that accurate voice information can be delivered;
  • Non-voice air transmission "pop" sound.
  • Different connection methods are offered.

Direct cable connected with PTT   Need to purchase cables to connect to radio  
Can work with WFR01 PTT Finger 
6 Pin connecting cable Can work with MDR01 PTT     

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