SOURCE i-Vis Blaze Hydration Pack
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Fluo Green

This Blaze Hydration Pack is designed for firefighters, road workers, early responders, airfield personnel and anybody with hydration and safety in mind. The no straps hanging loose design allow you to move freely even in tight spaces.

Pack features:

  • Insulated shoulder strap pouch for the drinking tube.
  • Hard-wearing, durable Fluorescent fabric.
  • Reflective tape.
  • Easy access to filler cap behind protective cover.
  • Quick Release safety mechanism.
Hydration features:
  • Taste-Free™ System- Glass-Like™ Liner technology in reservoir and tube delivers pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor.
  • Bacteria-Free™ System- Grunge-Guard™ Antimicrobial technology blocks bacterial growth for the life of the system.
  • Care-Free™ System- Glass-Like™ Liner with Grunge-Guard™ antimicrobial technologies eliminates the need for cleaning. For days, weeks and even months of use simply refill and drink again and again with no special care required.
  • FDA Approved Materials- All materials in contact with the drinking water are FDA approved. Guaranteed safe and taste-free drinking water.
  • Helix Bite Valve – a bite valve with a retreat mechanism to prevent spills, and ease of use during an activity, with a safe lock for transits.

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