UV Sterilization Lamp
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150W 100W 75W 40W

This newly announced UVC lamp has 4 product sizes, each with one power, ranging from 40W to 150W, which can be applied to different places according to your room size. From a 300 sq. ft room to a normal-sized office, this UVC lamp can effectively kill bacteria, including mites, and perform disinfection. Besides, during the operation of the light, OZONE will be released to kill small bugs and microbes, in order to provide you a purified area. 

  • High intensity ultraviolet
  • 360-degree sterilization
  • Steam Sterilization
  • Eliminate pecuiar smell
  • Intelligent remote control
  • Safe and efficient

Regarding its usage, while this product helps safeguard your health, please note that no humans or pets are allowed in the area when the product is working. After an hour of operation under UV + Ozone mode and at least 40 minutes of ozone release in a normal room (with a proper ventilation), users can re-enter the room safely after approximately two hours. Besides, as ultraviolet radiation may cause skin erythema, conjunctival irritation and fatigue, please beware of looking directly towards the lamp.

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